Thermal Optics and Accessories

Fusion Thermal

What Makes Fusion Thermal Scopes Better?

• Easiest of any thermal to Use.
• Works for anyone.
• Low return rates.
• Next level focusing system. Perfect focus every time.
• Premium scope mount. Perfect return to zero and durability.
• Arclight ultra pure objective lens. More energy to sensor.
• WAVE Sensor Technology – Best performer in high humidity.
• Metal housing. Built like a tool and not a toy.
• Superior heat transfer.
• Rock solid protection.
• Five year transferable warranty

With over 80 years of combined experience, the Fusion Thermal team designs and builds cutting-edge infrared electro optics that pushes the limits of what is technically possible. All with one goal in mind …… perfecting the vision of heat.

Every unit sold comes with an industry leading, 5 year TRANSFERABLE warranty. Fusion stands behind their products, no matter who is standing behind the eye cup.

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