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We are InfiRay Outdoor, providing you with the most professional outdoor optoelectronic solutions!

We are leaders in technology and innovation, bringing you a better outdoor experience. While 17μm is still the mainstream of the thermal imaging detectors, our well-developed 12μm technology is providing outdoor products and applications with clearer and more detailed images.

We know that whether for natural observation, hunting or rescuing, you expect your devices to be your assistant. With this goal in mind, we have worked hard to develop the product, allowing you to see clearer, further, and better.

We know that you hope your products can be as reliable and stable as possible, so we never compromise for quality; From research and development to production and delivery, we are using the most stringent requirements to guarantee quality and provide you with trustworthy high-quality products!

Our commitment to excellence has won the favor of outdoor customers in more than 89 countries around the world.……

We are InfiRay Outdoor, your trustworthy outdoor optoelectronic expert, helping you explore and discover more!

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