Thermal Sales of Oklahoma Shipping Policy


We try to keep most products in stock and ship within 48 Hrs, or drop ship available with in 14 days. Thermal products are hard to keep in stock and inventory changes quickly. You can text/call 405-642-3224 to see if product is in stock etc.

Call, Text, or Email

All orders are put on hold until we determine if products is in stock or available within 7 days.

If product will be delayed over 3 days , we will contact you to determine if wait time is acceptable to you before accepting payment.

The following rules apply to shipping.

We may ask for photo id , shipping address verification, and will attach a ITAR statement on restricted products before your order is shipped. Credit card purchases must be sent to same as billing address. We may call you to verify address etc. Please respond to requests as shipment may be held until verification process is complete.
We try to ship orders as fast as possible. If product is in stock , orders are usually shipped within 24hrs.
We try to ship products as fast as possible but we reserve the right to cancel any order and issue full refund.
We would rather refund your payment than be to slow in filling your order. Shipping from manufacturers is sometimes a real problem , supply chain issues on their side delays shipments to us.
Some products are 6- 12month wait times from manufacturers, we will take those type orders from you but you will be fully advised of wait times, what to expect etc at time of order AND BEFORE PAYMENT IS ACCEPTED.
We ship mostly USPS, “hold at post office”, on orders over 500 ,this keeps shipments safe at post office until you show photo id and pick up your shipment. Shipments under 500 usually go USPS priority mail. Other shipment options are available but may be at additional cost to you.

Feel free to text/call and discuss any concerns at 405-642-3224